Things to Look for When Hiring a Sleep Consultant

Here’s the thing: I might not be the right sleep consultant for you.

Working with a sleep coach can be a really personal experience. You’re trusting someone to give you advice on the thing you love most: your child! It’s important you feel comfortable with your consultant. If you don’t feel supported, it will be tough to see your sleep plan through to the finish line. 

Most consultants do a short introductory phone call so you can tell them a bit about what’s going on, and learn how their services work. You can use that call to get to know this person a bit, and determine whether they’re the right fit for your family. Find out things like:

  • Are they knowledgeable? (Ask a couple of questions so you can get a feel for this.)

  • Are they certified? 

  • Do they have a wait list (and does that matter to you)?

  • Which method(s) do they use (and do they suit your parenting style)?

  • Will they support you keeping night feedings (if you wish to)?

  • What sorts of packages do they offer? (If you can’t find this info on their website)

The most important factor will be: you! What motivates you? There will probably be one or two times during this process when your consultant will need to give you a kick in the pants.   Are you the type who needs tough love, or supportive encouragement? What do you think you’ll get from this person? Don’t be afraid to ask them if you’re unsure. 

Last but not least, creep their social media and/or website for a bit before you make contact. That way, you’ll already have a feel for who this person is before you hop on the phone. 

Lindsay Wye-Palmer