How does the process work?

It starts with you reaching out and saying that you need help. I offer a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation, during which you can tell me a bit about what’s going on and ask questions. If your issue can be solved with some quick advice during our call, I’ll tell you. If it’s more complex, I’ll tell you that I think you need more support, and will recommend a couple of package options.

After you’ve selected a package, I’ll send you a questionnaire so I can get a full picture of your family’s sleep situation. I’ll get details like your parenting style, current routines/schedules, child’s personality, and your sleep goals.

We’ll then have our full consultation (either virtually or in-person), when we’ll go over everything in detail and decide which method is right for your family. After that, I’ll write and send you your fully-customized sleep plan, which will be packed with all the information you’ll need to succeed.

Last—but most certainly not least—we’ll work together for a period of time (either one or two weeks, depending on which package you select) as you implement the plan and start seeing results.

Which method(s) do you use?

That depends on you, the parent(s) (and of course, your child). I am certified in a range of sleep training methods, spanning from extremely gentle to more direct. All are safe and effective, and all have been tested by families who are probably sleeping right now.

During the consultation process, we can discuss what these methods entail, and decide which one would be the right fit for your family. If you don’t like the one we pick initially, we can switch it up mid-process.

How is working with A-B-Sleep different from other sleep consultants?

Unlike many larger companies, which often focus on a single method (or even—gasp!—a standard, one-size-fits-all sleep plan), working with me means that your family will be treated as being unique and special. There is no such thing as a typical sleep plan here, because there is no such thing as a typical family. Factors such as your parenting style, family size, child’s personality, sleeping environments and more will be taken into account. And, you’ll be working with the same consultant from the very first phone call right through to the end of your program.

In addition, I am certified by the Family Sleep Institute, the pioneer of sleep consultant training. I studied for countless hours have have pored over more evidence-based research and information than you can possibly imagine. I only use methods that are proven to be safe, effective, and long-lasting.

Will this help my baby/child sleep through the night?


I’m not sure if I’m ready. Shouldn’t I continue to deal with the sleepless nights?

Sure, if that’s what you want! I always recommend that parents only contact me once they feel ready. I totally understand that the timing isn’t always right.

I was once in the exact position you’re in right now: scouring the internet trying to find out how I could help my kids sleep better, and wondering if I wanted to actually shell out the money to hire a sleep consultant. I get it. It’s hard. For me, it was a life-changing experience.

If you’re ready for your family to start sleeping now, it’s time we talked.

I still have questions.

I just might have the answers. Contact me here.